A.S.I. progetti integrati S.r.l.
A.S.I. progetti  integrati S.r.l.

Engineering Company   A.S.I. progetti integrati S.r.l.

The engineering firm “A.S.I. progetti integrati” has a structure that allows it to offer many kinds of collaboration in the various sectors in which it is skilled, organizing its entirety of know-how and equipped with the necessary operative instruments to deal with the complexities of the multiple factors related to each request for new designs and new structural and functional elements.


A.S.I. progetti integrati is involved with the integrated management of all services relating to architecture and engineering, urban planning and landscape, scientific and technical consulting services,   experimentation and technical analysis, computer applications, applicative software, consulting and design in safety, fire and accident prevention, and acoustics sectors, direct funding as well as on behalf of third parties, studies, consulting, research, preliminary designs, final designs and executive projects, project management and technical, administrative or static testing in the fields of civil or industrial engineering and the  environmental sector, architecture and urban planning, quality certification of production processes and industrial products, civil and industrial technical installations, evaluation of technical-economic adequacy, environmental impact assessments, environmental compatibility studies.


The company undertakes projects as a service, offering interdisciplinary and multi-sector cooperation, research aimed at technological innovation and sustainable development, and a reliable proposal for the enhancement of resource management.


It is characterized by the professional and scientific method of its research and design flexibility due to a suitable approach to specific needs: restoration of monumental buildings, consolidation and redevelopment of industrial complexes, infrastructures in urban environments having architectural and historical value, new centres for public spaces and for public use or the renovation and reorganization of existing complexes.


Everywhere, our work is carried out in respect of the local environment, culture, tradition and art in various countries and different contexts, and the project follows a specific orientation produced by the relationship between these factors and our specific technical-scientific know-how.


A.S.I. progetti integrati S.r.l



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